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Thanks to our own plantations and our collaboration with local farmers, we are able to fulfill large volume orders.

A total minimum order of 100kg (220 lbs.) is required.

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Grade A Vanilla Beans

15 cm and longer,

100–120 fruits per pound.

Also called "Gourmet" or "Prime".

Crushed Vanilla

Dry. From a mixture of vanilla types.

Whole Black Peppercorn

Whole Black Peppercorn

Grade B.jpg
Grade B Vanilla Beans

10–15 cm,

140–160 fruits per pound.

Also called "Extract fruits".

Vanilla Powder copy(2).jpg
Vanilla Powder

 Ground vanilla beans

Wild Black Peppercorn

Wild Black Peppercorn

Ice Cream
Vanilla Extract

35% alcohol

Mixed Peppercorns

Mix of :
- Whole Black Peppercorn

- Wild Black Peppercorn

- Red Peppercorn

Red Peppercorn

Red Peppercorn

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