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   Wonders of Madagascar 

We are a team of natives of Madagascar who now live in the US. While living away from home, we have not forgotten our roots and the taste of our foods, and the wonders of our home land. Our activity consists of sharing and spreading the beauty, the flavor, and the quality of the products of Madagascar. We work directly with farmers and artisans in Madagascar.

While Madagascar is known for the beauty of its nature and the warmth of its people, what we are offering is the product of its nature and the work of its population.

Madagascar is the largest producer of natural vanilla in the world.

A vanilla known to be the best in the world. A vanilla that makes the pride of a whole country. A vanilla that will delightfully please the occasional cook, the professional gourmet, and the distinguished Chef. You will always be proud to present a dish that has Malagasy vanilla in it.

But there is more than vanilla in Madagascar. Malagasy spices are also well known and appreciated around the world. Green pepper, black pepper, or pink peppercorn are all great ingredients to bring your dishes to the next level.


Should you wish to please your family, friends, colleagues, clients....with an exotic gift made of products of Madagascar, the items we provide will intensify your pleasure of offering!

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